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Apitherapy is a practice which consists of treating various ailments using products from the hive. 

From the Latin apis for bee, apitherapy is a technique that consists of using products harvested, processed or secreted by the bee  for dietary and therapeutic purposes.

Dogs & Cats Au Naturel By CF combines Apitherapy & Aromatherapy in personalized programs.

Abeille sur une marguerite

Bee products

Bees are pure synergy. They produce a product with a thousand beneficial properties - honey - with exceptional dietary and healing properties.
They produce it without harming their environment and it is the exact answer to their needs. During their production, they play a role of pollinating the flowers that surround them, making a process beneficial for all including our animals. ​

The bees' immune system is extraordinary, and unlike ours it is mostly collective.
When the hive is threatened with infection, the bees will try to eradicate it by digging into the thousands of plants around their hive. They themselves secrete substances that are able to synergize with these products.
All of these products are found in propolis, but also in venom and honey.

Products used for skin problems are: ​

The benefits

Honey and Royal Jelly on the skin of the animal:

  • beautifies the skin.

  • moisturizes parts of damaged skin.

  • can disinfect and heal some wounds.

  • has a powerful effect against certain skin diseases. ​

In diffusion:

  • soothes the respiratory tract.

  • heals all winter illnesses.  

Propolis on the skin of the animal:

  • antiseptic

  • antiviral

  • disinfectant

  • antifungal

  • purifying

Contraindications : Possible cases of allergy but it is very rare.

Les abeilles au travail
Pots de miel






Morceau de nid d'abeille

Royal jelly

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