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Les arbres forestiers

Animal Naturopathy

Naturopathy : "Therapeutic by natural means."


Animal : "Organized living being, gifted with sensitivity and who  can move. "Source: Le Robert

I chose to specialize in certain natural methods, rather than others, according to my feelings and my sensitivity. In order to be able to provide comprehensive responses adapted to each case. Like plants, the synergy of different natural methods will compensate and strengthen the state of health of your animal, making each support individual and even specific to each practitioner.  

Dogs & Cats Au Naturel By CF offers to accompany your animals, based on a set of naturopathic procedures.

Natural cosmetic care range

Dogs & Cats Au Naturel By CF offers a range of French-made and artisanal treatments for dogs, cats and equines.

The products are natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free and eco-friendly.

An eco-responsible range, our labels as well as our paper communication media are printed on recyclable paper. The containers are in 100% recycled PET and the closures in 100% recyclable PP, made in Europe and guaranteed without Bisphenol or Phtlalates.

I formulate and carry out other treatments on demand for specific problems such as:

  • Shampoos, conditioners, anti-itch lotions.

  • Shampoos, conditioners, anti-dandruff lotions.

  • Calming sprays or lotions, antiparasitics, hot spots, etc ...

I invite you to contact me for any information or specific request.


Welcome to a natural global approach,  dedicated only to the well-being of your animals, in general, and your dogs and cats in particular: Naturopathy . This approach is based on different natural and energetic methods aimed at maintaining balance or rebalancing the stressed or unbalanced organism of your animals. 


Do It Yourself * Natural Care Workshop for Dogs & Cats

An original gift idea, printed on recycled paper, to offer to all dog and cat lovers, concerned about their well-being and DIY enthusiasts.

In its black linen-effect case, made of paper from sustainably managed forests, FSC certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

The Workshops are dedicated to the realization of natural care, by yourself, and for your dogs and cats. In face-to-face or visio, you learn step by step how to make Balms, lotions or gels, for minor everyday ailments (wounds, cracks, burns, bites, irritations, redness, hot-spot, licking of paws, itching , ...).

  • In face-to-face you leave with your achievements and know-how.

  • In video, in addition to the know-how, a list will be sent to you 2 weeks before the date of the chosen Workshop, with all the necessary raw materials as well as the addresses to order them. You can then quickly redo your achievements.


* Do It Yourself (DIY) = Do It Yourself


Vitality check-up


Natural treatments

Our Environmental Commitment 

  • We favor ingredients from certified organic or organic farming, in France and around the world. This is to preserve the quality of soil, air and water as well as the health of producers.

  • We favor local supplies to limit the impact of transport on the environment.

  • We favor the use of recycled packaging (glass, recycled PET, cardboard) and produced locally.

  • Our ingredients are natural and biodegradable.

  • To protect the contents of your packages, we use recycled crumpled paper and biodegradable corn starch dunnage particles, which decompose in water without any toxic residue.

  • Our packaging is recyclable and can be recovered by specialized channels. We invite you to sort them all by referring to the sorting instructions:  download the Triman Guide .

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