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The story
Dogs & Cats Au Naturel By CF

Trois chiots Bullgod Français

And it's out of love for them ...

... that it all started ...

My story, as an Animal Naturopath, does not start like many others:


... "it has been a healthy lifestyle for my family and me for years, .." or ... "it was following the loss of my sick dog that allopathic veterinary medicine could not cure , ... "or even ..." "animal lovers, it was my own pathologies that made me aware of natural methods" ....

No, for my part, I became an Animal Naturopath thanks to certain encounters throughout my life, and to an unconscious journey towards Le Naturel, which has  emerged  really for 2 years now, thanks to my animals.

Commercial for more than 25 years, it is true that I have had very often in my life, especially until adolescence, dogs and cats. Very city-dweller and Cartesian, I was light years away from imagining that it was in holistic medicine for animals that I would truly flourish professionally. In 2006, an important event in my life, comes to busculate my certainties and my vision of things, with the birth of my first child. I would understand 15 years later that it was a primer towards awareness. Indeed, my instinct as a mother pushed me to feed my daughter with natural and organic food, which I prepared myself. Over time and through encounters, I learned about Yoga, and I trained in energy massages.  and massages for babies. I decided to create my association in 2007 to introduce parents to the benefits of massages for their babies, from birth up to 12 months ... I trained in parallel at the Lyonnaise School of Medicinal Plants, and I obtained my certification as a natural products advisor. However, not knowing what to do with all this luggage, I returned to my city life and my trade. In 2012 I discovered the French Bulldog, the passion of my partner, in which I also fell very quickly, over the years we decided to become breeders of this superb breed which fascinates us, while keeping our respective jobs. And as the years went by, this  unconscious progress of the Natural became conscious, and my professional reconversion becomes obvious. I would like to thank my children, my spouse and my friends, who supported me in this choice of professional life and all that this can bring good but also a lot of sacrifices. But from this awareness emerged Dogs & Cats Au Naturel By CF, and today I live this adventure fully, with continuous training and regular upgrades, in order to consolidate my achievements, in order to provide the best support your hair, with gentle and natural methods.

My name is Carmen Ferreira, I am 45 years old, I am a breeder  canine for 8 years and naturopathic dog and cat, certified in natural zoocosmetology, and I am happy to make you discover and share my universe.

ZAP1, ZAP2 and ZAP3 natural zoocosmetology, certified by the Art au Poil school - Canada

Dog and Cat Naturopathy, by ESNA, Swiss School of Animal Naturopathy - Switzerland, in continuing education

Communication Animale 1st cycle, by the school of Laïla Del Monte - United States, in continuous training.

Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy, certified by the Lyonnaise School of Medicinal Plants and Natural Care - France

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