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Clay is a natural volcanic earth, source of minerals and trace elements (silica, aluminum silicates, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, cobalt, manganese…).

There are clays of different colors, each color representing a different clay soil with therefore different properties.

For example white clay would be more recommended for internal use and green for external use.



Already used by the Egyptians to treat the sick and purify during mummification. Mahatma Gandhi also used it regularly for the purpose of purification.

Clay, used for millennia as a therapeutic agent, today it is still breathtaking. Powerful natural therapeutic tool.

  • The white and the pink internally. ​​

  • The green and the yellow externally.


Precautions : with clay, no metal or plastic container or utensil. Choose a glass container and a wooden utensil. Avoid taking fatty substances at the same time. be careful not to reuse the same clay already applied twice.



  • Absorbs and drains out of the body impurities, microbes and other bacteria.

  • Promotes healing by accelerating tissue formation.

  • Promotes bone reconstruction and fills deficiencies.

  • Balances the intestinal flora, strengthens the body's defenses and acts as a gastric bandage.

  • Destroy pathogenic germs, it consolidates the affected tissues and heals wounds and injuries.

  • Stop inflammation, attracts morbid, putrid matter, absorbs them and in this way purifies abscesses and ulcers.

  • Intelligent antiseptic that detects dangerous and pathological germs to eliminate them by promoting healthy cell reconstruction.

  • Adsorbs and eliminates certain bacteria, viruses, toxins, waste but also certain intestinal parasites.


White clay


Pink clay

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Green clay


Yellow clay

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