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Alternative medicine practiced all over the world.  Homeopathy comes from the Greek words "homoios" which means similar and "pathos" which means disease. It is opposed to allopathy which treats diseases by opposites. This therapeutic technique, which therefore treats illnesses through similarities, was founded 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor. It obeys three basic principles described later in this article.

It is a holistic medicine which is interested in the individual as a whole: the homeopathic treatment does not depend only on the characteristics of the individual but also on the symptoms. In homeopathy, diseases and symptoms are due to an imbalance of the organism, and an attempt of the latter to regain the initial balance. The aim of the naturotherapist is therefore to rebalance the organism in depth and not only to treat the symptoms.

Bouteilles de l'homéopathie Globules
Bouteilles de l'homéopathie Globules

Why, for whom?

Pets, especially cats, are particularly receptive to these treatments, to be used alone or in addition to a conventional treatment.

Homeopathy makes it possible to treat common pathologies in pets, acute or chronic (eg allergies, heart failure, rheumatism). Today, this complementary medicine has found its place in their naturopathic support.

We can use homeopathy alone or in addition to allopathic treatment. Or after such treatment, for example during convalescence after surgery or an acute illness of your animal.

The advantages : your animal does not risk overdose, adverse effects or addiction, or interaction with traditional medicines. In addition, homeopathy is not toxic to animals or to the environment and is generally inexpensive.

Cats and horses react to it the best, the fastest and the most frequently. They are followed by the dogs, then by the other animals.


Warning : using homeopathy does not exempt you from consulting your veterinarian, especially in serious situations!

Homeopathy taking care of what is reversible, it is important that the sick animal takes it as soon as possible after the onset of symptoms. Whatever the problem and its size, you will give 3 to 5 granules of the homeopathic remedy indicated to your dog, or 2 to 4 granules to your cat. Do this by putting them in their mouths or mixed with food or water. These remedies are also found in the form of drops, which are easier to administer.

Among the essentials, let us quote the No 1 of homeopathy, Arnica Montana, with numerous indications: during physical or psychological trauma such as blows; after intense effort (childbirth, long hike, etc.) or surgery (also promotes healing), strong emotions or a change of life. It should be given as soon and as often as possible until your pet's condition improves.

Bach flowers

Dr Edward Bach, was an English physician and renowned bacteriologist. In 1930 he developed  a unique, effective and at the very least surprising method: he discovers flowers, their signature and the effects they can have on humans and consequently on animals. He became a recognized homeopath by creating The Flowers of Bach, 38 "psychological portraits" that he associated with 38 flowers. Each portrait corresponds to a state of imbalance of the individual and each flower to its complementary balance.

In animal naturopathy, we will accompany your animals with one or a mixture of several Bach flowers, depending on the problem (s). But be careful, they will not transform your animal and will not be able to solve everything, which is why it is necessary to use them as a complementary tool to other natural methods.

The Flowers will restore harmony where there is more, so there is no risk of making a mistake. It is a story of vibration and resonance, which gives them an absence of harmfulness. But you have to make the right choice of flower (s) to see an improvement, if the choice is not the right one nothing will happen.


"When our soul and our personality are in harmony, all is joy."

                                              Edward bach

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