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Alternative medicine that uses the energy of crystals for balance, harmony and the well-being of people and also animals.

Stones, thanks to their chemical compositions, their shape and their colors, accumulated over thousands of years, contain energy that will be transmitted to the person who uses or wears them. This alternative medicine uses the chakras (energy points in the body) to develop or restore emotional well-being, mental, physical and spiritual health.

Pierres Polies
Pierres Polies

Most used

  • Aventurine: for the feeling of abandonment

  • Rose quartz: to reassure your companion

  • Carnelian: for abuse and mistreatment

  • Amethyst: for physical pain

  • Rock crystal: for weakened animals

The energy of crystals amplifies  effects, so you have to be very careful and harmonize your thoughts before  to start alone, in this natural therapy. Any fear or doubt you feel can be felt by your companion and amplified by the crystals. The stones can be a good alternative to alleviate emotional problems or temporary behavioral disorders, in addition to other care and a healthy lifestyle of your companion. 


Red : color of the 1st chakra. Brings vitality, energy and courage.  

Orange : color of the 2nd chakra, sacral chakra. Relating to fun and creativity.

Yellow : represents the 3rd chakra, the solar plexus. It defines self-confidence, good control of passions and emotions.

Green : color of the 4th chakra, heart chakra. Symbolizes intelligence, nature.

Blue : color of the 5th chakra, symbolizes the throat. Associated with hearing and speech.

Indigo : color of the 3rd eye. Intuition, wisdom and positive thoughts.

Violet : color of the crown chakra. Mysticism and psychic.

The Rose : symbolizes softness, appeasement, brings positive energy.

Brown : color of the connection to the Earth. Stability, attachment to physical and material comfort.

Gold : prosperity and power, symbol of success and good health.

The Black: the unknown, the mystic. Energy of protection.

Le Blanc : clarity, purity, truth and appeasement.

The Gray : empty, neutral, detachment.


Rock crystal






Rose Quartz



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