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Naturo Dog & Cat Consultation

Remote : 55 € - At home : 65 € + travel expenses in addition

1 hour consultation by appointment, remotely, by phone or video (skype, whatsapp, messenger, as desired) or at home. Includes analysis of  questionnaire sent by email (Vitality Report), as well as the report  of the personalized program sent  by email to the animal keeper.


Naturo Follow-up Session : 30 €

30-minute session for follow-up after the first consultation, by appointment, by phone or video (skype, whatsapp, messenger, as desired).


Express Naturo session : € 15

Session of 15  20 minutes away, for quick advice, details on a protocol or a natural method, excluding nutrition. By appointment, by phone or video (skype, whatsapp, messenger, your choice).


The Naturo follow-up and express sessions are intended only for those who have already  a Natural Dogs & Cats Vitality Report By CF.


By video or by phone :

For who? Dogs and cats only.

Geographic area: All of France and French-speaking countries by video or telephone.



For who? Dogs and Cats only.

Geographic area: Loire (42), Rhône (69) or neighboring departments.


You can make an appointment online for services by phone,  visio, or at home from the " Naturopathy " page, then please go to the " Shop " page for payment.  A confirmation will be sent to you by email.


The natural care and advice offered on our store cannot replace a veterinary diagnosis, in case of doubt, do not hesitate to consult.

Naturo Dog & Cat Consultation

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  • In order to establish a Vitality Report, you will receive by email a questionnaire concerning your animal's health history, as well as its behavior, eating habits, ... once completed by you, you will send this questionnaire to me by email , with the requested attachments. If so, I will get back to you if I need more details. Within 15 days to 3 weeks, I will get back to you by video, by phone or at home depending on the formula chosen, in order to take stock of the vitality assessment and to explain the   personalized program recommended. A follow-up session may or may not be necessary depending on the complexity of the issue.

    (The home formula travel costs, calculated on via Michelin, are extra, and payable by the consultant.)

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