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Testimonials, from our consultants and our users, from our social networks

"I recommend the natural products of Dogs and Cats. After 15 days of treatment, my little Maya has no more wounds on her thighs."


Stéphanie V. - Rhône on June 17, 2021

Natural lotions for cats

"Very good natural products as well as advice. My boubous say thank you for their truffle pads and for their shampoos. And there they have just adopted the mosquito lotion"


Claudine W. - Rhône on June 19, 2021

Natural dog care

"Super products !! Super satisfied !!! Skin problem, itching, resolved in 48 hours !! Truffle retyped, and shampoo at the top. And all that naturally. I highly recommend."

Sandra S. - Isère on July 12, 2021

Support in Naturo and natural care for dogs

"I recommend without hesitation. After having discussed at length with Carmen by phone, I ordered the truffle balm, sensitive area and pads on her advice. The truffle balm caused a sensation, especially in exhibitions after a few days of use and the sensitive area Also. Very satisfied with my purchases, the truffle balm will be part of my bulldog puppy kits for sure. Thank you Carmen for your advice and kindness. "

Valerie DC -  August 28, 2021

Natural balms for dogs

“In a few days, my Leon's nose, which was very damaged, became black and shiny as" new "! Carmen is very attentive and super sympathetic, I recommend without hesitation "


Armelle D. - June 17, 2021

Truffle Balm for Dogs

"to start the dog truffle balm I loved the result thank you very much."

Maria Joao A. - Ain on June 22, 2021

Truffle Balm for Dogs

"I ordered the cushion balm and the truffle balm and it's perfect! Repair quickly! Very effective. I'm very happy with my little products and Rebelle too !."

Karine B. - Haute-Savoie on June 24, 2021

Natural balms for dogs

"The truffle balm is a killer !!! Well, Osiris does not necessarily agree but too bad. I even use nail balm, it saves my life. (Problems of intense dryness and detachment cuticles due to annoying psoriasis) In short I recommend without ANY hesitation. "

Laurence D. - Aude on August 23, 2021

"Introduzir uma dieta Barf não é tarefa facil. Ha muita coisa que é preciso saber para que nada falte ao nosso cão. Encontrei na gestora desta pafina todo o apoio que precisei para, enquanto criador de Bouledogue Francês, introduzir melhorias na qualidade da alimentaçao dos meux cães Dos melhores ingredientes aos cruciais suplementos, a Carmen Ferreira faith uma agradavel surpresanum mundo (o da canicultura) onde tantas vezes a competição ea inveja se sobrepõem à solidariedade entre criadores. Quero neste testemunho reconhecivar processo public de incentaria e todo para que sigam o meu exemplo. Afinal ... nada é but important that a saude eo bem estar dos nossos cães. Obrigado "

Nuno M. - Portugal on August 28, 2021


"First use of the dry shampoo. Very satisfied."

Laurence C. - Loire on December 04, 2021

Ayurvedic Dry Shampoo

"A big thank you for your accompaniment of the barf for our little Maïa! We do not regret this choice for her health and all your advice is so useful: a pretty little princess good in her body :) Live the natural and a raw food!"

Chis Dg. - Rhône on August 30, 2021


"Healthy and effective solutions for our treasures, Carmen is passion and kindness. We love products with mimi"

Stéphanie G. - Corsica on September 03, 2021

Puppy kit

"Warm atmosphere, conviviality and an enriching experience with the production of balms. I was made aware of and very interested in the products which are complementary to mine. Thank you Mélanie for these wonderful encounters"

Laurence C. - Loire on November 21, 2021

Skin & Hair Balms and Sensitive Areas workshops for dogs at Mélanie GT

"Yesterday was treatment day for Miss Helga with a packager prepared by the little hands of my friend Carmen Ferreira from cjez Dogs & Cats Au Naturel By CF ... Thank you my friend from me for this magnificent magic potions which made a big good for its beautiful mane and its horsehair. Easy disentangling, a pleasant smell and above all a Helga proud and happy to have been able to test your range in equines first. Your dog and cat range was already exceptional but the care you took made for ponies is just great. I recommend your magic potions to everyone who wants to do good or so relieved for various reasons their animals "

Morena P. - Meurthe et Moselle on September 19, 2021

Ultra Detangling Hair Conditioner

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